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О нашем фан-клубе. ARSSC на матче Динамо Киев - Арсенал


В данной статье представлены благодарственные письма представителей Лондона нашему фан-клубу, а также упоминания и нас в сети


Frank Stubbs: Indeed our own section saw many of the Russian-speaking Gooners present, their enthusiasm highly impressive if their versions of some of our more well-known songs proving to be a tad amusing!

* Frank Stubbs - главный блоггер на Arsenal.com


Jill Smith: It is me that should be thanking you and all the group from Arsenal Russia for the very kind gift you gave to me and also for your voiciferous support of Arsenal on the night. Everyone remarked about the fantastic support your group gave the team.

I very much appreciated the lovely book which will bring back many happy memories when I read it.

I have asked for the book for Arsene Wenger to be taken to the Training Ground (I believe the one I held up for the photograph was the one you brought for Mr. Wenger).

Thank you again for your kindness and please make sure all your members who travelled to the Ukraine are aware of how much their support was appreciated. 

* Jill Smith - официальный представитель Арсенала по связям с внешними фан-клубами